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" Cowboy Ryan Healed 2 Years Chronic Lower Back Pain, Lost 52 pounds and shredded down to 4.3% Body Fat. Then returned to Rodeo & Won a National TV Championship on Foxsports Net"
- SpikeTV, Reporter Herald Newspaper & Channel 2 News -
Episode 1 - Jillian Michaels Reality Show
" One of the most enthusiastic, passionate & energetic fitness trainers
I've ever seen. "
- Jillian Michaels - TV Star & Personal Trainer on Biggest Loser TV Show
" Cowboy Ryan is business partners with Billionaire Daymond John and they created the Fastest Growing Fitness Gym Franchise "
- Daymond John, FUBU & Reality TV Star on ABC Shark Tank
Motivating My Brother to Walk Again
" Cowboy Ryan's brother has been in a wheelchair since Oct 2016 and he is the motivational strength to help rebuild his life"

Meet Cowboy Ryan  
In his early 30s, Ryan Ehmann woke up in a beat-up camper in the middle of a Texas hay field and thought, "How did I get here?"It wasn't a deep mystery -- after 12 years on the rodeo circuit as a bronco rider, he'd ruined his back, racked up $67,000 in debt, had no job, and no real place to go. It was a true rough patch until a sympathetic friend took pity on Ryan and gave him some Tony Robbins tapes to pass the time. After listening Cowboy Ryan was inspired and determined to get his life back.

Though over a dozen doctors said his spine was shot, he believed that through hard physical training he could get back up on that horse, literally. Even more, he was determined to win a rodeo national championship. So he signed up for courses at Dallas's Cooper Institute, the #1 Personal Certification program in the world to become a certified personal trainer with the idea of learning enough about the human body to develop a plan to rebuild himself. He also became a trainer at the local Gold's Gym. "I got the answers to what was wrong with my back," he says. "And I also realized millions of people suffer from lower back pain -- and the frustrations of trying to get fit & healthy because of all the misleading fitness contradictories of how to properly lose weight.  

Ehmann strengthened his back, dropped his body fat from 18% to 4.3% percent, rejoined the rodeo world and won a national championship in 2004. Now he is on a mission to help millions of people who struggle with mental strength and motivation to change anything in their lives. Cowboy Ryan's High Performance Motivation is taking the world by storm because of his motto is "Teach People how to Motivate Themselves to Change Anything".   
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