The 28 minute Workout that's Fun & Fast Results "As Seen On TV!"

Cowboy Ryan's In-Home DVD Workouts!
Burn More FAT, Have Fun & Achieve Results 
with Cowboy Ryan's RodeoFit™ 
Week 1 - Cowboy Core & Cardio
(3) Workouts - COWBOY CORE & CARDIO Full body 28 minute, hi energy workouts Spikes & drops the heart rate FAT LOSS zone for an efficient FAT BLASTING, Abs & Cardio blasting workout. You learn to use the Cowboy Fit Zone training system.
Week 2 - Cowboy Fat Shred Zone
(3) Workouts COWBOY FAT SHRED ZONE Full body 28 minute, hi energy workouts keep you in the FAT LOSS zone for an efficient FAT BLASTING, Abs & Buns blasting workout. You apply the Cowboy Heart Zone training system for MAXIMUM fat loss.
Week 3 - Cowboy Rip Zone
(3) Workouts Full body 28 minute, hi energy workouts RAPIDLY Spikes & drops the FAT LOSS zone for a MAXIMUM efficient FAT BLASTING full body workout. This is a very fast pace, fat ripping workout with lots of lower body.
Week 4 - Cowboy Champ Up
(3) Workouts COWBOY CHAMP UP Full body 28 minute, hi energy workouts RAPIDLY Spikes & drops the FAT LOSS zone & also blasts the ABS & Lower body for a MAXIMUM efficient FAT BLASTING full body workout. This is a very challenging & fast pace, fat ripping workout with lots of lower body.

28 minute workouts
(12) DVD workouts that are a 28 minute full body workout using only your body weight. Only 3 workouts a week, NO LONGER THAN 28 minutes is NEEDED FOR FAST RESULTS. Each workout is very hi-enegy fat burning, muscle toning & core BLASTING workouts with Cowboy Ryan. 
4 week Chart & Video Coaching
4 week daily workout chart & video coaching sent to your email inbox for education, motivation & inspiration for daily guidance.
Online Coaching
Learn to workout efficiently, read food labels, grocery shop, eat out healthy, set compelling goals, get motivated, hold you accountable, Rodeo Ab exercises, and much, much more. This is a complete online fitness, foods education and motivational website that has 15 years of personal training success.
Team Work
Cowboy Ryan and his team of real clients NEVER let you working out alone as you have a personal trainer and you can count on others to be in the video workout along side you. Each workout is specifically designed for Maximum Fat Loss. 
7 Modalities of Fitness
Every workout is different and you will be hitting upper, lower, combo & all muscles groups. You can count on a lot of lower buns sculpting and Abs conditioning. You will be getting an overall healthy workout that includes flexibility & improving balance. 
Cowboy Ryan's 10 years motivational Speaker

Goals & Motivation
Something YOU need NO other Workout System offers .... "MOTIVATION" Often, the key to success is simple. Motivation. More often than not, we start a program with motivation and excitement. Eventually, we find ourselves getting frustrated or running out of get up and go. That’s why I include my “Turn Fear into Fire” and “Jumpstart the New You” CDs. 
RodeoFit™ system is the secret behind incredible body transformations all over the world because its a complete program that includes motivation, education, inspiration and a scientifically based program.

Unlike traditional workouts that use heavy weighs or long cardio workouts that burn you out, RodeoFit™ uses your body weight at a higher rate of repetition so that you can get leaner - faster. 

RodeoFIt has you burn up to 500 calories per workout and torching more fat to reveal gorgeous muscles and a sleek, sculpted body. 

YES, the first time ever, you CAN get in the best shape of your life working out, having fun & at an attainable pace. 

HERE'S WHAT YOU GET with RodeoFit™ 
12 Workouts in 4 Progressive Phases

Each new phase of LOSE 12 inches™ is designed to gradually ease your body past its 
old limits. So after 30 days, you're leaner, more solid, seeing & feeling muscles you've 
never noticed before, and many inches smaller. And have a TON of fun challenging your mind & body to overcome what you never thought was possible! 

  • Only 28 minutes / 3x a week - Easy commitment
  • 30 Days of Daily Coaching
  • Online Food  & Fitness Coaching
  • (12) FAT Shred workouts 
  • 36 Hours "After Metabolism Boost"
  • And So Much More...
Dance Your Abs Off
20 minute Thrilling Dance routine includes Cowgirl buns, hip shuffle, Bootie Scootin and some Hi-Energy exercises.  This workout was actually shot in a rodeo arena with LIVE horses and a dog. You will experience the Cowboy Fit Zone training to maximize your FAT BURN.  
Rodeo Abs & Buns Xtreme
2 minute, 8 minute, 13 minute & 15 Extreme Rodeo Abs Blast & Cowgirl Buns is one of the best workouts on DVD!  YOU better Cowboy Up for these exercises. 
12 Rodeo Workouts + 2 BONUS Rodeo Abs & Buns
MaxFit™ Workouts to maximize your results
Reduce workout time to only 28 minutes / 3x a week
BURN up to 500 calories
Online membership coaching, education & motivation
Boost your daily energy & motivation
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