"As seen on ABC Shark Tank" Cowboy Ryan's LOSE 12 inches Rodeo Abs Bootcamp & Motivation Event Coming to Your City!

I'm embarking on a National Tour teaching ďas seen on ABC Shark TankĒ  Lose 12 inches system to BURN Fat efficiently using a heart monitor watch, lower stress levels, energize your life, set compelling goals and build internal motivation like never before. This VIP Bootcamp youíll experience LOSE 12 inches Cowboy workouts, famous Rodeo Abs exercises and combined with mind conditioning event it will take your body and life to a new level. Itís the HOTTEST thing in fitness so DONíT miss this one time opportunity. I mastered a system to overcome obstacles and rebuild lives in record time and it's worked for over 13,000 clients in the last 10 years. Life will never be the same with this private VIP coaching event so saddle up folks for the ride of your life.

WOOO HOOO ... That's What I'm Talking About

You will create a road map for fitness success and internal motivation to propel you towards your goals in life.
2 hours of motivational coaching to break through your fears, design your body and life on your terms. It's hi-energy, motivating, educatning and powerful enough to launch you towards goals you thought were impossible.
Only $1997
LIVE Bootcamp = $497
LIVE Motivational Event = $597
+ $1000 in Online Educational training
Reserve your Bootcamp Today
3 hour VIP Event with Cowboy Ryan ($1,997 value)
    A $499 VALUE:

This is the foundation to LOSE 12 inches as you will receive
a new video via email each day motivating, educating and inspiring you.

Learn to read food labels, grocery shop, eat out healthy, set compelling goals, get motivated, hold you accountable every day, featured Rodeo Ab exercises, workout efficiently, online community, product discounts and much, much more

10 years of personal training knowledge, experience and inside secrets and tips compiled into one easy to read Ebook.

LIVE Tele-Conference Coaching
LIVE Webinar Motivational Seminars
FREE Audio download copy of every coaching & seminars

All day internet access to Cowboy Ryan and his team of fitness coaches to support you, pump you up and answer any questions.
4 Cowboy DVD Workouts
1: Cowboy Fit Zone -
Wooo Hoooo Workout

Workout in the cowboy fit zone, a full body workout including Rodeo Abs exercises.
2: Rodeo Rider -
Wooo Hoooo Workout

Workout in the cowboy fit zone, this is a cardio workout with doing wild and unique exercises that are fun to BURN FAT!
3: Dance Your Abs Off -
Wooo Hoooo Workout

Workout in the cowboy fit zone, this is a cardio workout with doing wild, unique and fun Cowboy dance moves to BURN FAT!
4: Rodeo Abs Exercises
12 minute hi-energy, fun and most efficient abs exercise of all time. This is Ryanís secret to abs because itís an 8 second ab exercises at an intense level. Cowboy up for 8 seconds!
Educational coaching
Calculator & online Video
1 month online membership
28 day video coaching
Lose 12 inches online membership 
This website is jam packed full of videos for motivate, education, inspiration and 10 years worth of fitness knowledge compacted into one poweful site.
Daily email video coaching 
This is the most powerful training video's for you to see results, stay focused and know what to do everyday for the next 28 days. You will receive an email with a video of me coaching you for the day. Combine this with the 4 workout DVD's and you have the formula for incredible results.
Online Video: 19 mistakes to avoid
Learn the 19 most costly mistakes to avoid at all costs otherwise you will always be guessing at your fitness journey hoping you will achieve results.
∑ Biggest mistake everyone makes when working out
∑ Workout demonstration video to the Fat Loss Zone
∑ #1 Fat Loss Software to calculate your "Heart Zones"

∑ Calculate your exact heart rate training zone
∑ Exactly what you can do to LOSE Fat Instantly
∑ 19 mistakes to avoid at all costs
Oxygen is Energy
Oxygen is the only thing on the planet you can't live without. Learn how to lower toxin & stress levels that is the #1 reason why a person gains weight. This simple lesson will energize your body, mind and life.  
"as seen on ABC Shark Tank".
Personal Knowledge Assessment 
Evaluation of what you know about foods, working out to burn body fat, losing weight and your overall fitness knowledge.  It's a full diagnostic analysis of what's going on with your body.  The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself.  The secret to getting in shape is doing lots of little things right.
Mind Coaching  Education
Bootcamp includes these workouts
[Live] [Host]
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X 3 hour Live VIP Motivational Bootcamp
(1 hour LOSE 12 inches workout / 2 hours Motivational Coaching)
X Learn 5 most important things to LOSE 12 inches
X Learn about heart rate training and efficient workouts
X Calculate your Heart rate zone
X Cowboy Fit Zone Calculator & educational on heart rate training
X 1 month online LOSE 12 inches membership
X Food metabolism makeover
X 28 day video coaching(video)
X Quick start program
X Oxygen is Energy(video)
X 19 mistakes to avoid (video)
X Food Diagnostics
X Proven 7 day diet

Educational coaching

X Jumpstart program
X Oxygen is Energy (video)
X Jumpstart metabolism (video)
X Quick start program
X Food metabolism makeover    
X 31 dessert recipes
X 42 Fat burning recipes
X Grocery shopping (video)
X Reading Food labels (video)
X Eating Out Healthy (video)
X Food Diagnostics (video)
X Don't Skip Meals (video)
X Ebook - Train Your Mind
X 7 day Fat Shred Diet
X Personal knowledge assessment
X Mind Conditioning (video)
X 80x Blueprint Fitness Road map
X  20 min Group Phone Coaching with Cowboy Ryan after Bootcamp
X Unlimited Online Support
X  LIVE Tele-Conference Coaching
X  LIVE Webinar Seminars
X  6 months Unlimited Email Coaching with Ryan and his coaches
X  Download audio copy of seminar
X 10% discount for next purchases
X 15% discount on supplements
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